Veda Patasala

HH Srimad Thirukkudanthai Andavan started the first Veda Patasala in Kanchipuram in 1968 with 8 students & shifted this to Srirangam in 1969. It has currently 80 Vidyarthis & 9 Teachers. 4 Saastra Teachers have completed their PhD’s; the Veda Teacher is a Ganapati & Veda Baashyam [PhD] of 40 years standing. The Siromani course is recognised by the Bharathidasan University.

HH ascended to the Peetam in 1989 & first stabilised the Srirangam Patasala and built it into an Institution of Excellence. HH then started new Patasalas – Vaduvur [II] 2001, Kanchipuram in 2002 [III], Thiruchanoor [IV] 2002, Thiruvahindrapuram [V] 2004, Srimushnam [VI] 2005, Maheshmal near Aurangabad [VII] 2006, Uthiramerur [VIII] 2006, Ambuga (near Hassan, Karnataka – IX) in 2007 & Thiruppullani 2008 (X).

Currently there are 280+ Vidyarthis (students) in 10 Patasalas. Maheshmal is exclusively for Shukla Yajur Vedam & Thiruppullani Patasala is exclusively for Rg Veda. HH may start a section for Atharvana Vedam either at Thiruchanoor or at Maheshmal.

HH Srimad Andavan will start more Patasalas at Azhwar Tirunagari, Velamur etc., & consolidate these Institutions of Traditional Sanskrit Learning into a Vishwa VidyA Peetam (a Sanskrit University) named “Sri Ramanuja University” by 2015 A.D.

Siromani Classes

Since June 2013, the Siromani classes conducted at Srirangam Patasala are recorded and the videos are uploaded for the benefit of devotees at large. This recording is sponsored by Guru Krupa Foundation, USA which also provides financial support for the Veda Patasala and Goshala in Srirangam and Tiruchanoor.

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